ICT Participants

Promoting Health Through Comprehensive Research

There are many reasons to participate in a clinical trial:

Deciding to participate in a clinical study is a very important decision. Because clinical research is the only reliable way to advance the medicine and treatment of tomorrow, becoming a participant is in a way a serve to the community at large and a enables the well-being of human-kind. There are benefits of participating in a clinical research study such as:

  1. Learn and discover more about your medical condition
  2. Receive a comprehensive medical evaluation by board certified physical including a physical exam, diagnostic testing, blood work and close follow up, free of charge.
  3. Compensation for time and travel
  4. Most importantly you get to be involved with looking for newer cutting-edge medications for illness that may not only affect patients directly but their family members and friends.

However, there are risks associated with participation as well. Those who wish to participate in a clinical trial should make a careful, thoughtful and informed decision after speaking to a study investigator to ensure that they full understand the requirements, benefits and potential risks of participation.



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