Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

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Integrative Clinical Trials is participating in the NPT088-CL002 Study. A different kind of research study for Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease.

What are clinical trials?

A clinical trial is a research study that involves patient volunteers to test new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. Clinical trials play an important part in the ongoing effort to improve healthcare by determining if a new treatment works and is safe. Clinical trials are carefully designed and monitored under strict guidelines to ensure the safety of patient volunteers.

What happens when you participate?
• Study-related medication and medical care is provided by a trained medical professional
• You do NOT need to have insurance in order to participate since all study related medication and medical care are provided at no cost to you or your family
• You may also qualify for compensation for time and travel

What is the NPT088-CL002 study?

While there is no cure at this time, scientists are getting closer to finding a therapy that may slow, stop, or even regress Alzheimer’s and the damage it has caused.

People with Alzheimer’s Disease have several proteins in their brain that build up and worsen symptoms. Two of these proteins are amyloid-Beta (A Beta) and tau. Scientists believe that the severity of the disease is driven by the amount of both of these proteins in the brain.

NPT088 is an investigational product that has been shown in animal studies to lower both of these proteins (A-Beta and tau). This research study will look at the effects of how several different dose levels of NPT088 may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Who can participate?

People who may be able to participate in the study:
• Are 50-85 years of age
• Have been diagnosed with Mild to Moderate Probable Alzheimer’s Disease
• Have a Study Partner who is willing to participate in the study and attend study visits

Who we are?


Integrative Clinical Trials (ICT) is a dedicated research facility located in the heart of South Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in conducting clinical research studies on a wide spectrum of Central Nervous System disorders, as well as medical indications such as Alzheimer’s disease. Our team of highly experienced professionals and clinical research coordinators are dedicated in bringing promising treatments to the patients who rely on them.

Our vision provides quality, accurate clinical research to help advance tomorrow’s medicines today. Our goal is to conduct clinical research studies that help develop new medications while helping our clinical trial participants discover new and effective therapies for their conditions where other existing therapies have been unsuccessful.