Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can be frustrating and life changing.

Migraine headaches are a painful problem for millions of people. Migraine attacks can make it very hard to function at work or home, and may leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless if you can't get them under control.

Doctors don't understand everything about what causes migraine headaches, but they're working to research and develop new medications and treatments.

Doctors are studying an investigational medication for migraines.

Local doctors are looking for people who suffer from frequent episodic migraines to volunteer for a clinical research study of an investigational medication for migraines. ("Investigational" means it isn't approved for the public yet but is being studied.)

If you're 18 to 75 years old and experience 4 to 14 migraine days per month, you may have the opportunity to try this medication. You'll also receive study-related care at no cost, and may receive compensation for time and travel if you qualify.

If you're interested, please contact us to get started.

If you take part in the study, you may receive:

• Investigational medication for migraines
• Study-related care from a local doctor
• Compensation up to $XXX

All study medication and study-related care will be at no cost to you. Health insurance and doctor referrals aren't needed to participate.

You may also be eligible to participate if you:


• Are 18 to 75 years of age
• Have 4 to 14 migraine days per month

The study doctor will also check other requirements to make sure that you're eligible to participate.